Tuesday, 6 March 2012

15 High-Tech 'SmartWatches'

Wrist watches changed their image from a necessary time tracking device to an accessory in few decades. Now these watches are getting smarter with technology to become a tech-luxury for you. You all have dreamed about fancy computer watches and they are becoming reality in a pretty useful form now. Presently Smart-Watches are not that popular; the main reason might that we all already have a smartphone. But still these high-tech wrist watches are making their utility felt in their own way. Have a tour with these high-performing time-telling devices.

1. Sony SmartWatch  
Sony is really into SmartWatch with this new Android device which was showed in this year’s CES. This SmartWatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity therefore it can be clocked with your smartphone and you can access calls, messages, emails and social networking updates without even taking your smartphone from your pocket. It has a 128×128 pixels, 1.3” OLED touch display and is splash proof (supporting IP54).The watch comes in several colors of wrist bands and had a an affordable price tag of around Rs.7500.

2. I’m Watch
I’m SpA launched this SmartWatch in this year’s CES which generated lots of buzz. This watch runs on Android 1.6 and features 1.54-inch display with a resolution of 240×240, 64 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM and a non-removable 600mAh battery providing a 2 hours back-up and 48 hours back-up in stand-by mode. It can be connected to you iPhone or Android phone with its Bluetooth and also have some interesting apps for social networking and playing music. But the company has not priced this watch smartly, it will make you shed $299 for the basic model and for other premium limited edition the price can vary from $599 to $11,999.

3. LG GD910 Watch Phone
LG Watch Phone was launched in CES 2009, this was the first watch which was 3G enabled and also had a front facing camera for video chat which made its look like a James Bond toy. The device featured a 1.43 inch full touch screen, a built in camera, a built in speaker and voice recognition. It also has EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth. But the price of this device a bit scary, costs Rs.49990.

4. Samsung s9110

Samsung launched this cellphone-wristwatch hybrid in 2009. This hybrid watch has a large screen and a sleek design, it features Bluetooth 2.1, voice recognition and email sync with Outlook. The main intension of Samsung with the release of this SmartWatch was to compete with LG’s Watch Phone and with all those impressive features they were quite successful in doing so. This tech-watch costs around Rs.20000.

5. Nike+ FuelBand
Nike+ FuelBand is a digital exercise assistant which comes with a personal accelerometer to measures your activity and burned calories. It measures the calories burned while you are walking, dancing or doing any other activity except swimming. You can also connect this band with Facebook and Twitter to showoff how much you are working out now days. This band will cost around Rs.7500 and is available for preorder at Nike website.

6. iPod Nano Wristwatch

iPad Nano Wristwatch was the only one thing which this mini MP3 player lagged. And when Apple started supporting and selling their own wristwatches in Apple online stores encouraging customers to wear it on the wrist it was a dream come true for all Apple fans.

7. Hyundai W-100 Watch Phone
Hyundai released this watch phone in 2007, this device came with digital screen to display messages, 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity and in buttons. But W-100 was a bit unlucky to arrive at a time when smartphone where watching up the fire.

8. Avatar Watch Mobile Phone with Keyboard
Avatar ET-1 Watch Mobile Phone is a phone which comes with a strap. But the funny part is this phone supports touchscreen so the question is, was that keypad necessary? It features a 1.33inch touch screen, Bluetooth, support playing MP3 MP4, FM radio via the phone, Smart voice dialing and Smart voice command. This simple looking tech-watch just cost Rs.3999.

 9. WiMM One
This SmartWatch was launched in this year’s CES, this one-inch square device runs on Android 2.1 and also has some interesting ‘Micro Apps’. Let’s wait for the time to decide whether this device will survive or just deplete in the crowd of all other Android devices.

10. Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch
In 2012 Kempler & Strauss W Phonewatch launched this simple ‘W Phonewatch’ which has a touchscreen, SIM card-enabled option that connects to Bluetooth devices. But its cost was bit too much costing around $200 for just and high-end accessory to carry around on your wrist.

11. Microsoft SPOT
Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) came to existence in 2004 with ARM processors and provided access to weather updates, stock quotes, sports scores, headline news and Outlook calendar reminders through its soon-to-be-defunct DirectBand network. Microsoft charged $299 for this watch which scared most of its probable customers.

12. Casio BlueTooth Low Energy Watch Prototype
Casio revealed this new environment friendly mobile device at CES 2011, the device works on low-energy, is Bluetooth enabled to get cellphone alerts. Its Bluetooth 4.0 was its key feature which at that time was a rare thing to find, but if the company had given a second thought about its looks it might have a few more positive responses.

13. iWatch
This is a wrist mounted iWatch which is designed by Peter Burns before the mini iPod Nano came into existence. The basic idea behind this watch is to mound a conventional iPod around the user’s wrist. This concept was released in July 2010 and was really ahead of time.

14. Windows Phone Watch Concept
Mithun Darji showed a prototype of Windows Phone 7-based wristwatch which looks like a device from a science-fiction movie. This concept device comes with built-in apps, Wi-Fi connectivity and an integrated Bluetooth handset. There are rumors that Nokia is also in a run to come up with Windows Phone 7-based wristwatch soon.

15. HP Smart Watch Device Concepts
HP’s concept SmartWatch includes some amazing features like web access, the Digital Wallet providing mobile banking, the Family Awareness Watch, GPS tracking system, and the Web Cam Watch which provides streaming real-time video playback on a wristwatch. One more interesting concept was the Shop Watch with RFID scanning and Shazam-like capabilities for tagging music or bookmarking advertisements.