Sunday, 7 September 2014

5 things to learn from Mary kom

She is a fighter from profession but fighter of life. She is a Real life hero, who is declared winner of all the battles of ring as well as life. She is Real Inspiration. Her story make you believe in yourself to fight in any circumstances. She is Unbreakable, Yes, She is MARY KOM.     


1)  Follow Your Passion:-

               A Little Girl saw a boxer Dingko Singh and get interested in athletics, right from that moment Mary Kom followed boxing as prayer. She has followed her passion madly and gives her more than best in boxing without any support. It was her passion which was leading her from Manipur to Olympics.

              2)  Fight for your Dream

              She knew only one thing and that was boxing, her dream to be a boxer. Nothing else she knew and never wanted to be known. She fights with her Family, poverty, People, Situations just for her dreams. She fight, fights more and never give up.


           3)    Let Your Action Speak

            Mary’ childhood was not that good. She belong to poor family People say many things about her being boxer and boxing. But she never replied them and never thought about the people and their sayings. Of course she wanna answer them all and shut their mouths but only via her Medals and boxing. She did it very well. 

        4)      Balance Family and Professional Life
            She is mother of 3 children and still she won 2 medals after her children. She is earning person of her family. After marriage and being very good mother, she never say no to her passion, her dream of being boxer. She gave time to her children, Buy toys and thing for them same as she gives her time in the ring.Her Husband is Back Born of her.


         5)      Give Support

           She didn’t get the support that she needs and mange all the things by her only, but now she give support to others who want to do boxing. She has started her own academy of boxing in Manipur and gives training that other do not suffer like her.

               She has set up a very best example of how to follow passion and live it gratefully. She is a horse of race that can see only his way to win the race and ignore all other things.
                Concentration, Dream , Passion, Self-reliance, Strength and Boxing are just other name of MARY KOM.  


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