Friday, 5 September 2014

Best Teachers of your Life

1) Parents

                Without any doubt parents are our first teachers. They teach us From Walking to Talking, Living to Eating, Reading To riding, everything which is essential in one’s life. You can question them about anything anytime and you will get best and true answer which you need. They are Lifetime Teachers for every child.

2) Siblings

                Most of siblings learn fighting from each other. But still your sibling makes you laugh after parent’s shootings’ and also teach you to you to do same. They make you comfortable with school, studies and social functions. They teach you to be the best company of any one.

3) Friends

                Friends, with whom we enjoy studies, Pranks, Games and many more things, Rather than helping in last night studies and assignments, they teach us Daring, to move on , increase self- confidence by putting you in weird situations or just by playing crazy games. They teach us how to maintain relation in difficult times. They make you right if you are wrong.They give you new thoughts.

4) Teachers

                Teachers teaches you many subjects of syllabus or out off syllabus. They make you able to stand up in crowd with the right answer. They share their experience by which you can learn many things for your career and future. They tell a Real Stories to guide you. Teachers play major role in our career’s path. Without them we are clueless many times.

5) Experience

                Of course experience is the best teacher from all the ways. It can’t be taught by any one which is taught after any good or bad experience. You can forget or under estimate one’s advise which we do most of the time but we can’t forget what we have been go through .

6) Books, TV and Films

                Books are our best friend, we all know that. But book change your attitude slightly that no one can notice that change so easily. They make you flexible. Be with book can teach you small lessons of life, they make your mind creative, smooth, open and fast.

                Televisions are enemy of most of parents. They think TVs are badest thing that can ruin their child. But no, there is nothing like that TV can do. In now days films are become most affected things, they are able to change our mind in seconds. TV and films can teach many good things. They can really increase sense of humor, General knowledge, Relations and understandings. 

      You just need to look around and you will get many person Who can teach you manything which is useful to you and they all are Life's Teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day.

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