Thursday, 4 September 2014

just Google!!!

Wanna search any answer, Google is available.

Wanna see any images, Google Images are available.

Wanna find any location, Google Maps are available.

Wanna watch any videos, Google YouTube is available.

Wanna read any book, Google Books are available.

Wanna play game, Google Play store is available.

Wanna  Promote your business, Google Ad-words & Ad-Sense  is available.

Wanna write something, Google Blogger is available.

Wanna read any news, Google News are available.

Wanna mail anything, Google Mail is available.

Wanna share something, Google Drive is available.

Wanna translate sentences, Google Translate is available.

Wanna schedule your Tasks, Google Calendar is available.

Wanna do social networking, Google plus is available.

Wanna install Search engine, Google Chrome is available.

               Don’t you think it’s amazing that whatever whenever whichever you  want to do it  is available at only one place, One and only one GOOGLE. Without Goohlw we can’t complete our any work whether it is studies, Fun, Business work, Learning, Earning or just Chit-Chat. Anything we do, Google is one of our needs now.

          Just think you have a project to complete and need images whay if Google images were not available, how  can yoi find them that easily.

          If you are getting bored, wanna play games, Watch videos or learn anything seating at home by Google.

          You have an urgent meeting but can’t trace the location, how can you reach there on time without Google maps.

         Who can give best search answer only via some words? Write anything in it, it will find much useful information.

        If it stops for a minute, our works stops, World stops like our supporting system is lost. It plays major role all of our lives.after all it make our lives so easy and may be that's why we are depended on it most of the time.we are stress free because we have Google with us to search anything for us.

       4th September, 1998(16 years ago) Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded this super talented multitasker Google in one Garage of California. Original name of Google was Gogol, which is number followed by 100 Zeros, but destiny likes Google name and Gogol misspelled by Google and now Google is most popular website, Search engine all over the world.

      Google have its 70 offices in 40 countries with more than 52,000 employees. Google’s all offices are not look like any typical offices. Google is one of the best company to work in of world. Google do not follow any rules of professionalism. It allows employees to play, swim, eat, work, take rest and many more things.I can say that it is very flexible office.

     Today is Google's, Our Google's b'day so wish you a very very Happy b'day Google and thank you very much for making our life so easy and quick. 

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