Monday, 15 December 2014

Thoughts in last month of year

                It is always hard to believe that we have entered in last days of year. Time is going so speedy like we have entered in time machine that is just running in unbeatable speed. It gives us doubt that did it take too short time to go or we never noticed it. Some seconds passes like an hour and some hours passes like second. This is the magic of time.


Some thoughts that will surely comes to everyone’s mind in these last days of year are almost same.Let's see them.

      1.       OMG , year is ending, it take too little time to go.

2.       It just happened yesterday.
3.       Feeling astonished: time is flying very fast.

4.       Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed with many things.

5.       Let’s count memories of whole year.

6.       Confusion comes when we forget it happens in this year or previous one.

7.       Feeling Great, because just go through pictures and videos of not just this year,but of whole life.

      8.     Smile after remembering old stories and rewind them all the time.

9.     We plan things to complete in rest of the year.

10.   But, actually we have not completed even last year’s plan yet.
11.   Still we plan upcoming year.   


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